Contact Information for Staff

Pastor Chris Hilliard – Cell: 919-901-7131

Email address:

General Office Hours: 9-5, Tuesday – Friday

Appointments are helpful

Edwin Euceda, Hispanic Pastor – Cell: 919-673-6576

Email address:


Gary Ring, Youth Pastor – Cell: 919-333-5734

Email address:

Office Hours: By appointment


Jennifer Spencer, Children’s Director – Cell: 919-333-5568

Email address:  


Jenny Price, Preschool Director – 919-365-3103


Sidney Baynes, Worship Leader – Cell: 919-971-0480

Email address:
Office Hours: Wednesday 9:30 am-12:30 pm and by appointment


Wynette Wilson, Instrumentalist

Email address:


Michelle Davis, Administrative Assistant – 919-365-4631

Email address: or


Office Hours: Vary per day, call to check.

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